Firefox: Number 2 spot almost gone – revenue concerns

On October 1st we reported predictions that Chrome would likely overtake Firefox as number 2 browser as early as December this year – HERE. The number crunchers at StatCounter Global Stats are declaring this has now actually happened:

Google’s browser Chrome overtook Firefox for the first time globally on a monthly basis in November. Chrome took 25.69% of the worldwide market (up from 4.66% in November 2009) compared to Firefox’s 25.23%. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still maintains a strong lead globally with 40.63%.

While I do not doubt the veracity of those figures, I have a preferred source for market share statistics which is showing that Chrome still has a little work to do:                                  

  • As at 30th November                             
  • Internet Explorer – 52.64%
  • Firefox – 22.14%
  • Chrome – 18.18%

The most telling statistics come with the variations taken from 1st January to 30th November; with both Internet Explorer and Firefox slumping through 2011 while Chrome’s market share has increased by some 7.03%. Maybe Chrome has now overtaken Firefox as number two browser, maybe not. If not just yet, Chrome is certainly on track to do so, and very soon.

Perhaps the diminishing user support for Firefox is the least of Mozilla’s worries, they are yet to finalize a new contract with Google. The partnership, which expired in November, has previously accounted for a massive 84% of Mozilla’s total revenue. Apparently there is some wiggle room and negotiations are ongoing, so hope springs eternal.

Personally, I can’t see either side taking a particularly hard-nosed approach, Mozilla need the revenue and Google would not wish too see Firefox’s preferences going to Bing – something which Mozilla has already intimated at. One thing for certain, it’s worrying times for Mozilla and its flagship Firefox browser.

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