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You ever wonder how pizza delivery could get even better? Of course you have, everyone has at one time or another while eating that delicious pizza… (thought bubble: I wonder how technology can improve the way pizza is delivered to my door?) The main reason this popped into my head is because of the recent creation of Domino’s adding a warming oven to their delivery cars. Now that is a great way to think outside the Pizza Box….(sound of crickets). I noticed lately that Domino’s Pizza really knows how to use the tools of today to better promote and handle the pizza service they provide. Let’s step back and look at why I’m so interested in this.


When I was a younger man I had a job as a pizza delivery driver. Yep, that’s right, this guy once delivered your pizza (tipping is important… just saying). After you have worked in the pizza industry, you then see things like the pizza warmer for a car and think ‘where was that when I was a driver?‘ It wouldn’t have been too difficult to install one in my car back then :). Of course, back in my day, that could have made a car weigh 2 tons and you probably would have needed a special license to drive it. So as you can see I have some history with pizza in a professional manner, so to speak. OK, there you have the reason this caught my attention.

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Now let’s talk about this new creation Domino’s has come up with. It looks like they have joined forces with General Motors – including two other companies, Michigan-based Roush Enterprises, which is modifying the Sparks into DXP models, and Arizona-based Local Motors, which to date is best known as the creator of a 3-D-printed automobile body ( – to create one of the coolest vehicles this ex-pizza delivery driver has ever seen. It is called the DXP and is based on the Chevrolet Spark. They have torn out most of the interior to make room for a warming oven, which is good because who needs seats when you can have hot pizza? According to Domino’s this car can hold up to 80 pizzas and the warming oven will maintain those pizzas at a nice 140 degrees. I don’t think the warming oven can hold 80 pizzas but I know the whole car is supposed to carry 80 at once. Now if my delivery driver gets lost at least most of the  80-pizzas I ordered will stay hot until I get them. As I said earlier, they removed the interior to also make room for drink holders, napkin holders and sauce holders. WOW, wonder what the new delivery fee will be. Think about it, someone has to pay for this convenience. I bet you are thinking… ‘Wait Jason, someone might steal those pizzas while the driver is out of the car!’ No worries the warming oven is locked and, unless you have the key fob, it will take a crowbar to get to them, kinda like liquor.


Along with Domino’s changing the pizza delivery world they have also been using the social media world to change how we order. The devices we use everyday, from our cell phones to our smart cars, Domino’s marketing team has found a way to get us social media bugs and tech nerds to pay attention and order. They have tapped into what we love to do: eat and play. Here are those cool ways you can order that delicious pizza.

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That’s right, you can use the Domino’s app to tell your phone verbally what you want. Talk to me Domino’s! If that is too hard just tweet them that you need some hot pizza. Why else would we be on Tweeter but to order pizza.

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If those two do not get you to order maybe these will. Why not just text your order since we text all day long anyway? You can even use your smart watch and talk to your wrist like Dick Tracey – which I think would be cool and impress your friends when ordering your pizza this way.


Now if those where not cool enough for you then these last ones should knock your socks off. Who has never wanted to order a pizza on the way home after a long work day? Now you can do this from your car with Ford sync AppLink. Yep, your cars are now using apps. Then there is my favorite way of ordering , through your smart TV. This one makes it so convenient to order my pizza without even having to get up from the couch. (Yes all the other ways do too, but when you are watching TV you are usually on your couch)

These are amazing things that Domino’s has brought us. They are keeping up with the times so they can keep us ordering these amazing pizzas.

So basically, Domino’s is keeping it hot in the car and, with social media and many other devices we love to use, Domino’s has really changed how we interact with pizza and how it is delivered to our door steps. I’m very impressed with them and how they have done this. Now I’m going to order a pizza from my car, watching TV, texting my friends, looking at my smart watch, tweeting about the pizza while using my pizza phone app. Just call me the multitasker! (mmmm… Pizza!)

What do you think of what Domino’s has done?


4 thoughts on “Domino’s Keeping It Hot”

  1. I like this Jason. In my neighborhood the pizza delivery guy just slides into the driveway in an old pickup truck. He doesn’t take responsibility for “COLD PIZZA”. Amazing stuff.

    1. Thanks Daniel I’m glad you like it. Yes to many times I have had pizza delivered cold. Glad they have found an even better way to keep them hot. Talking about a old pickup truck sliding into your driveway. I drove a 1973 or 74 Pontiac Ventura Hatchback it was a pizza delivery tank. Too bad it did not have that oven.

  2. Andrew Whitburn

    I can’t but help think that all these things dominos brings out are gimmicks to hide the fact their pizzas are bland and crap

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