DCT Giveaway: EaseUS Todo Backup Home (15 licenses)

Winners have now been drawn – and the winning names are:

  1. Vern
  2. Rex E
  3. ScottW
  4. crisply
  5. Ken Wolf
  6. Lou
  7. Lucy
  8. Harveyb1
  9. Arie W
  10. Joe
  11. Robert Rozijn
  12. Daniel Banques
  13. David Smith
  14. Stefan
  15. Hemal Rathod


Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all entrants – remember, it’s your support that helps keep these giveaways coming.

Todo Backup HomeDCT is pleased to present subscribers with the opportunity to win one of 15 licenses for the very latest version of EaseUS Todo Backup Home. THANK YOU EaseUS!!

EaseUS Todo Backup Home would normally sell for $29.00 but you now have the chance to win a license absolutely free simply by submitting a reply to this article with a comment… we’d prefer if you commented on the EaseUS Todo Backup software.

  • Offer expires on 21st September.
  • If your comment does not appear immediately it’s because first comments need to be moderated, it will appear shortly

EaseUS Todo Backup Home – The Software

Daves Computer Tips has always been a strong advocate for a thorough and regular backup strategy, our philosophy is that there just can’t be too many backups, and when it comes to backups, imaging is the ultimate solution. Why? Because system images do not just backup bits and pieces, they backup everything, including the operating system, all installed programs, personal data, settings and configurations, plus all data required to boot the system successfully.

Not only are your important files safe and sound, but, if your system suddenly fails, you have an almost instant method for getting everything back up and running again… commonly known as disaster recovery.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home provides a complete backup solution, excelling in both terms of simplicity and overall feature set. Not only does it provide a straightforward method for users to backup and restore their full system, it also includes options for file backup and restoration.

I’m aware that many less experienced users often find navigating imaging software a tad confusing but just look at EaseUS Todo Backup Home’s gorgeously simplistic and intuitive interface:

etbh - main interface

Just click on a button across the top of the interface to begin your chosen backup, be it a particular partition or disk, full system backup, clone, or file backup… EaseUS Todo Backup Home handles the lot.

Simply select the drive or partition you wish to backup, plus a destination, and the software does the rest:

etbh - select disk

Backup options allow for plenty of user customization, including level of compression and encryption:

etbh - backup settings

A feature to create recovery media is also built-in and, again, the choices are excellent – Linux based recovery media being the most simplistic, with WinPE also available for more advanced users:

etbh - create recovery media

EaseUS Todo Backup Home includes options for incremental and differential backups too, check out the full description and feature-set on the home page here: EaseUS Todo Backup Home 7.0

What’s New in Version 7

  • Brand-new and intuitive user interface to make operation easier.
  • New added smart backup feature helps to perform automatic backup once there are any changes to the selected files.
  • Option to automatically update software when new version is available, no need to download and install software again.
  • Fixed some bugs to improve product quality.

“Smart Backup” is a terrfic new addition, it appears somewhat similar to File Backup at first glance, but the core difference between the two is that Smart Backup will automatically update the backup whenever changes are detected in source folders or files. The feature is comparable to file synchronization programs which behave in a similar manner.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home – The Giveaway

Competition Rules:

  • To enter: simply submit a reply to this article with a comment on EaseUS Todo Backup
  • You must submit a VALID email address. We need to contact the winner so disposable email addresses are not be eligible.
  • Shortly after the contest ends the winners will be chosen at random.
  • Winner(s) names will be posted on this giveaway page. Please check back here to see the winner(s) name announcement!
  • The winner(s) will be notified by email at the email address used to enter the contest – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.
  • Winner(s) must claim their license within 7 days. After the seven (7) day period, unclaimed prizes will be distributed at the sole discretion of DCT.
  • Entrants agree to allow DCT to communicate with them by email using the address provided by the entrant when entering the contest.

Everyone should backup, and anyone seeking a professional, reliable, versatile, and simple backup solution need look no further than EaseUS Todo Backup. So get those comments in folks, and a big THANK YOU again to EaseUS!


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  1. Acronis too difficult to use. Would really like to try the Easeus ToDo Backup program. Thanks for the Giveaway!

  2. I’d love to have a copy of EaseUS TODO Backup. In the past I’ve used Norton’s Ghost but it costs to much money now. I work for a small non-profit and I’d love to give it a real test.

  3. I’ve seen a few independent great reviews on Easeus Home Backup so this would be a great opportunity to stop my procrastination and get to that backup I’ve been meaning to do! I just wish there was a way to backup my HDD with all my software so when I did a restore it would run faster. Is there any way to bring back speed when restoring an old sluggish system?

  4. I keep reading good things about ToDo Backup. A copy of this would mean it’s time to move away from one of the major competitors that seems to be hit or miss.

  5. I’ve been reading reviews for a good backup software. After hearing about EaseUS Todo Backup I tried the trail version and I had no issue with it (it worked perfectly). A good quality software and I hope to be a winner so I can continue using this software.

  6. These product can compete with Acronis Products, The Features are very simple and easy to use than
    any other product. No other product give free technical support than EaseUS does.
    I like this software because it is convenient for Home use.

  7. Am looking for a good backup for my son who just bought a tablet for college. This appears to be a rather simple backup tool to use for his.

  8. EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a qualified competitor to AOMEI Backerupper Pro Edition 2. Please include me in the License Giveaway so that I may publish a compare/contrast article of the two competing software backup solutions.

  9. I am looking for an easy to use backup software for my son who just bought a tablet for college. This looks like this would be a good one to use. Seems very straight forward and simple.

  10. Have been procrastinating about doing an entire system backup as I am afraid to use some of the programs like Acronis. Would love to try your program.

  11. I need a program that is easy for a old fellow like me use and not make a total mess of as i seem to do with programs like these, but looking at this program it looks straight forward to use so if i win one maybe i can rest easy and stop pulling my hair out.
    P.S. i made a mess with my last attempt of writing as i put my email address down wrong i hope it still counts

  12. Out of all the backup software I have tried, I like this one the best. Nice to be able to open the backup file and with ease drill down to the file level and copy the file out. Easy to use and it works! I have recovered a couple of times using EaseUS.