Chrome Broken After Updating To 21H1- Solved

Many Chrome users are reporting that after installing the 21H1 (May 2021) Window 10 Update, the Google browser is misbehaving badly. Among the issues being reported are: webpages and tabs crashing, unable to access extensions, settings, tools, bookmarks, etc.

The good news is that Google, on its Chrome help page, has acknowledged the problem with Chrome after updating Windows 10 to version 21H1 and released an update plus instructions to help users resolve these issues. This is from the Google Chrome help page:

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On May 21, we began to receive reports that Chrome would crash unexpectedly for some Windows, Linux and Chrome OS users. After conducting an investigation, we’ve identified the root cause and have released an update which resolves the behavior. In order to receive the update to Chrome, please follow the steps below:
For impacted Windows devices follow these steps: 
  1. Quit any open Chrome windows.
  2. Re-open Chrome. You will still see the broken behavior.
  3. Keep Chrome open for about 5 minutes.
  4. After 5 minutes quit Chrome and then relaunch Chrome. The behavior should be resolved.

So, if you update your Windows 10 PC to 21H1 and Google Chrome starts misbehaving, you now know how to fix it.

5 thoughts on “Chrome Broken After Updating To 21H1- Solved”

  1. Another reason I’m grateful to the creators of Opera. Best browser I know of, especially its home page with user-created and -controlled tiles to favorite websites.

  2. Hi Jim,
    There is one way for users to ‘duck’, away from Google.

  3. Not having a problem with that Junk I don’t use, but I am having strange behavior that I have no other reason to blame for. I seldom have M$ Windows update problems but this might be one of those releases we all dread.

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