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    How To Opt Out Of Nielsen On Hulu

    If you are unfamiliar with the Nielsen Rating System, I am happy to explain, or may I say, let Wikipedia explain: Nielsen Ratings are the audience measurement systems operated by Nielsen Media Research that seek to determine the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States using a rating system. Nielsen Media […]

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    Ransomware – A First-Hand Experience

      When Criminals Take Over Your PC A couple of days before New Year’s Eve, I received a very anxious phone call from a customer saying that he could no longer open any of his files. Windows 10 had suddenly changed and he could no longer turn off the machine. I then asked what was currently […]

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    How Safe Is Your Browser?

    Your Browser’s Ability To Protect You Against Phishing, Socially Engineered Malware (SEM) We have talked about Browser and Web security several times on this site, but it is important to remember that the bad guys do not sit still. They are very aggressive in their attempts to invade your privacy and security. In a recent […]

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    My Systems, What I Use, And Why

    Having read fellow author Richard Pedersen‘s excellent article, laying bare the details of his system, my interest was piqued and I couldn’t resist the chance to show off my systems. What I Use I run two main computers which are predominantly gaming machines and I also use them for the more day-to-day things in life such […]

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    Your Personal Data Is Being Collected

    Is It Piracy When They Steal From You? It seems ironic that every software company out there cries about “Software Piracy” and then turns around and steals your personal data. I know that some companies claim transparency but in truth, simple acts like signing your smartphone contract give them access to your personal data. In […]

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    Fileless Malware And You

    What is Fileless Malware There has certainly been a lot of misinformation concerning “fileless” malware starting with the notion that this is something new. The Concept of malicious code that only resides in memory and exists without an executable file on your computer came to our attention by Kaspersky Labs as early as 2001. In […]

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    Is Click-bait Dangerous?

    Click-bait, Danger or Annoyance If you own a computer, phone or tablet you undoubtedly have already wasted your time clicking on a headline that had absolutely no bearing on the actual article to which it is linked. Even though its use stems from and is mildly linked to the old-fashioned, attention-grabbing headlines used in newspapers, […]

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    Windows 10 Quick Tips – PIN Or Password?

    Passwords And PINs Passwords are a secret. They are a secret you share with any one of the estimated 200 million active websites on today’s Internet. (There are actually over 1.8 billion, but by far most of these — roughly 75% — are placeholder, or “parked” domains.) This information was gleaned from InternetLiveStats if you’d […]

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    How To Change Your Netflix Password

    Most people I know use Netflix, and I’m no exception. I pay for the Premium service since my kids and wife love watching it, too. Plus, I hate when my 5-year-old watches a bunch of kid shows, then Netflix keeps suggesting other kid shows that I might want to see. (No, Netflix, I do not […]