Virus, malware, and security in general

  • Hospital Pays Ransom to Crooks

    Earlier this week we reported how a Hollywood hospital’s computerized system had been infected by cyber-criminals demanding a huge ransom. In the end, the hospital paid up, and really, who could blame them. This was a very serious situation; ambulances were diverted, electronic medical records disappeared, digital communications were unavailable, and there was zero access […]

  • Shade Sandbox: New Sandboxing App

    I’m always interested in new programs that help users stay safe online. I’ve been a great advocate for Sandboxie over the years and still firmly believe that it, or something very similar, should be mandatory on all systems. These types of security programs work by isolating data/files in a virtual environment, or sandbox, completely separate […]

  • Ransomware Demands $3.6 Million from Hospital

    In what constitutes new a new high and low in Ransomware attacks, a Hollywood hospital’s computerized system has been severely crippled by cyber-criminals demanding a whopping $3.6 million ransom. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center declared an emergency as machines critical to CT scans, laboratory, and pharmacy work went offline over the last week. Medical staff have […]

  • Cybercrime What Does It Mean To You?

    Over the last few years we have posted several articles about antivirus, anti-malware and how to protect yourself from identity theft. We have talked about the privacy or non-privacy you might experience in your operating system and the sites you visit. All that is fine and good but what does it really mean. Have you […]

  • Sophos Home: New FREE Antivirus

    The free antivirus market has been dominated for years by several well known and popular names, it’s also an area where new products traditionally struggle to make any impact. The one exception in recent times is probably Panda Security, whose free cloud-based antivirus has not only proved to be effective but also gained a solid […]

  • 2015: The Bizarre & the Brainless

    Technology and stupidity do not make for a good a good mix in the criminal world. Here are some of the most bizarre and stupidest incidents during 2015. Man Busted for Killing His Computer April, 2015 – It’s possibly something many of us have felt like doing but never carried through. Following an incessant and […]

  • The Amazing Unbreakable, Changeable Password

    Get ready for some upsetting news: the only way to ensure security in the modern world is to have distinct passwords for every online login system. The majority of online identity theft occurs when a common password is used for several sites. You might have a great password for your Bank of America account. You […]

  • Bitdefender Offers Total Protection in a Box

    In today’s landscape of cyber fears and ways to protect ourselves against cyber intrusion, wouldn’t it be nice to see a “one size fits all type solution”. I am talking about a solution that would protect me from internet malware, identity theft and even maybe my own stupidity. Bitdefender has been around for some time now. The Romanian security […]