• Discover Microsoft Sway

    Sway is a new Microsoft product that enhances the way you communicate, make presentations, tutorials, newsletters and more. Sway is web based and part of the Office Online experience we discussed in the previous post. Being web based means that you must have internet access and a browser. You may create your entire project right on […]

  • Get Microsoft Office Online “Free’

    Microsoft Office Online To get started with Microsoft Office Online just use your existing Microsoft Account username and password to sign in. Don’t have one? No problem, creating one is free and easy. A Microsoft account is an email address and password that is used to sign in to services like, Skype, OneDrive, and […]

  • Huge Collection of Historic Clips Now Available on YouTube

    The Associated Press and British Movietone, one of the world’s most comprehensive newsreel archives, are collaborating to bring more than half a million digitized film clips to YouTube. Between them the clips span from 1895 until present time including categories such as Momentous Events, Movietone At War, Vintage Glamour, Sporting Greats, and Celebrity Highlights, and […]

  • Quickly Check A Website’s HTTPS Security

    Most of you will be aware that whenever you visit a website or page where you need to input sensitive information, such as a banking site or the checkout on a shopping site, the address of the site/page should be prefixed with “https” rather than the insecure “http”. The added “s” on the end stands […]

  • Learning Computers: Enjoying Your Computer

    The Beginning: Opening introduction to the series Browsers: What are they? How to make them a safer door to Web. Search Engines: The Good, Bad and Ugly. Understanding search results. Malware and Virus: What is Malware? – What is a Virus? What is the difference in their types? How to avoid them. How to know if you […]

  • Do You Want Porn in Your Living Room?

    Google porn, see what you come up with and you’ll probably find that it’s one of the most widely recognised search terms on the internet and for several very good reasons, but mostly because a lot of people rather like it. Not just men either, which seems to be a popular myth bandied about by the […]

  • Why MajorGeeks is THE Best Download Site

    Much has been written about download sites and their bad practices – forcing adware wrappers, unfettered bundling, not filtering out malicious software, etc. – seems many of these sites are more interested in generating income rather than providing a safe download environment for users. So much so that the list of bad download sites now […]

  • Quickly Check that your Router Hasn’t Been Hijacked

    DNS, yet another of those infernal acronyms. Domain Name System is an essential component of everyone’s connection to the internet and is used to translate readily identifiable domain names, such as, into the numerical IP (Internet Protocol) addresses required to access websites – sort of like a phone book for the internet. When you […]

  • Where do you get your Weather Forecast?

    The Shipping Forecast Ever since I was pressed-ganged by my father to crew for him in the early ’70s and spliced the mainbrace across the English Channel to France, I’ve had a fascination for weather. Of course, when you’re sailing a small boat across a stretch of sea, the weather forecast is more of a […]

  • YouTube’s All-Time Top 5 Most Popular Ads (videos)

    Ad of the decade! As part of YouTube’s 10th anniversary celebrations the online video site recently asked its users to vote for their favorite ad over the past decade – and the verdict is in. Voters submitted their preferences in droves and competition was fierce but, in the end, Turkish Airline’s “Kobe vs. Messi: The […]