How To Search Our Archive Of Articles

Some of you might not realize that Daves Computer Tips has been publishing articles for more than a decade and we currently have  5000+ articles in our archive, the majority of which are tips, guides, and reviews. No matter what you are looking for, there’s a fair chance you’ll find it here at Daves Computer Tips.

To get started you need to click the magnifying glass in the menu across the top of the page:

Search DCT

A search dialogue box will then open up, type in whatever it is you are looking for and then press Enter.

Generic Searches

You can perform generic searches – for example, if you want to see all articles pertaining to the Edge browser, simply type Edge, hit Enter, and a new page will open displaying every article we’ve ever published with Edge in the title – (currently more than 30 articles):

Edge Articles

More Refined Searches

You can search for all articles pertaining to a specific operating system or software. For example, say you wanted to view all Windows 10 tips – type in Windows 10 Tips – (currently more than 170 articles):

Windows 10 Tips Search Results

Freeware Reviews

If you’re looking for help choosing specific freeware, our archive includes many freeware reviews. Type Best free or Review into the search box and hit Enter:

Best Free Search Results

Specific Searches

If you’re looking for more specific information, type in exactly what it is you need to know. For example, Access Safe Mode or Enable Built-in Administrator Account:

DCT Search Results


There is a wealth of information here at Daves Computer Tips and you can usually find what you are looking for – whether that be guides, tips, reviews, whatever – using our built-in search engine. It’s quick and easy, give it a go.

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