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Respected test lab AV-Test has just released its latest set of results for popular antivirus solutions. Testing involves 23 products in a Windows 7 environment.

*If your antivirus is not included, it means the vendor/developer did not submit its product for testing.

So let’s take a look and analyze some of the results:

  • Protection – includes against both zero day malware attacks and widespread/prevalent malware
  • Performance – rates overall impact on computer speed in terms of day to day usage
  • Usability – basically looks at numbers of false positives encountered over 4 main areas (lower is better)

These scores are then compared to an industry standard to ascertain the final rating. Of the 23 products tested, surprisingly 10 products achieved 100% score in both areas of protection:

av-test top 9

Five of those top ten products also achieved a perfect score (0 seconds) in performance, a result that I find bordering on unbelievable. Personally, I find it difficult to accept that any AV, and especially the likes of Norton and McAfee, would have zero impact on a computer’s performance.

Only one free antivirus is included among the 100 percenters, Panda Cloud Antivirus Free, and it also scores very well for Performance and Usability. A great result for Panda. The only other free solutions included are AVG and Avast, both of which finished down the list in terms of protection (97% and 96.5% respectively). Remarkably, AVG’s premium antivirus solution, AVG Internet Security 2014, actually scored less for protection than its free sibling, on equal standing with Avast free.

av-test avg avast and avg premI should point out that there is not lot of difference in the protection scores between the top seventeen products. You can check out the results in full here: http://www.av-test.org/en/

  • Click the Home User box:

av-test navigation 1

  • Then scroll down the page until you see “Windows 7” displayed and click that item:

av-test navigation 2For expanded details regarding each antivirus, click on the right facing triangle at far right.


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