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The following random photos have been aggregated from the MajorGeeks site, so all credit to MajorGeeks (DCT’s recommended download site).

So, the bendy iPhone was simply Apple trying to keep up with Samsung then?


Windows pirate, or poor Ingrish?


Neither have we. Adapter overload?

no idea

Defeating the purpose? How many drivers picked up their phone to take a snap of the sign saying put the phone down?

put it down

It really is true!! Yes I tried it. So will you!

sounds like pacman

The iPhone 20?

the iphone 20

Does this mean Nokia phones really do stink?


Proof they’re out there – seems legit to me!


Last but not least – latest topless celebrity photo released!

topless celebrity

What did you expect?

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  1. If you try that bendly from the first picture with your iPhone, you will find that it will burst into flames.
    Was on today’s news.
    A guy had the iPhone in his front pants pocket while riding a rickshaw. The rickshaw hit a bump and through him onto the metal frame of the rickshaw. The impact folded the iPhone in half and it caught fire. Giving him 1st and 2nd degree burns before the flame was extinguished.
    The truth is sranger than fiction………