Word 2013 – Start Chapters On Odd Numbered Pages

Word will allow you (IF you use styles) (and I sincerely hope you do), to force your headings to begin on a new page. But suppose you want your heading to begin on an odd numbered page?

Ok, so there is no automatic way based on your heading formatting, to start your heading on an odd numbered page. So, you will have to insert some special indicator that will tell Word you would like to go to an odd page. If you do not want to use section breaks, you can still force Word 2013 to an odd page using our good friend, the Field Code!

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Click CTRL + F9 to open Field brackets. Do not try to manually use the brackets on your keyboard because fields only work using CTRL + F9.
  2. With your cursor inside the field brackets, insert the text below:
  3. {IF {=MOD( {PAGE},2)}}=0 “<PAGE BREAK>” “” }

Make certain, that when you are creating this field, that you replace <page beak> with an actual manual page break. When Word is using your field, it will determine your current page number and divide it by 2. If the remainder is zero (meaning this is an even numbered page), then nothing will be inserted.

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