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No Microsoft Operating System would be complete without its share of annoyances and Windows 10 is not different in this regard. In the recently released  Anniversary Update a new way of enhanced pestering has been added, but they chose to call it Enhanced Notifications. I see it as Windows Defender basically patting itself on the back and reminding you of what a grand job it is doing.

How To Disable Defender Enhanced Notifications

If you like to be notified by these micro-reports, that’s fine. If not, then here’s how to ‘fix’ it:


  1. Open up the Windows Settings App by typing WinKey + I
  2. Choose Update & security
  3. Choose Windows Defender
  4. Now drill down to the Enhanced notifications section and flip that slider to the Off position

Voila! No more Defender breaking its own arm. Ah, sweet silence…

How To Disable All Notifications

I actually got tired of listening to the Windows ding-dong chime telling me things like “You’ve got updates available…”. It is reminiscent of the old AOL annoyance pleasantry, “You’ve got mail!” (That one especially irritated me because it is grammatically incorrect. I don’t like teaching millions of kids how to speak poorly. Nor, for that matter, do I like perpetuating poor English skills among adults who then teach their kids by example.)

If you’d like to tell Windows 10 Apps to hush up (a nice way of putting it), then here’s how:


  1. Type WinKey + I to open the Settings App
  2. Choose System
  3. Choose Notifications & actions
  4. Under “Get notifications from apps and other services“, move that slider to the Off position

Note: Keep in mind that by doing this you will get no notifications from any Apps you use on your computer. Also, if you have Automatic Updates disabled on your computer, the responsibility to update your computer will fall into your lap.

If only there was a way to fine-tune what we were being notified about, that would be a huge improvement,


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