Windows 7 hits majority market share – overtakes XP

So much information and news passes through the internet these days it’s difficult to keep up with everything. One momentous event which occurred recently and appears to have largely snuck under the radar is Windows 7 finally usurping XP as the most utilized Windows operating system. Why is this so significant? In my opinion, for two main reasons… 1) It is indicative that the corporate sector is [finally] migrating wholesale from XP to Windows 7, and… 2) It clearly signifies the beginning of the end for what has undoubtedly been the most popular Windows operating system to date:


Operating SystemMarket share at 4th Sept. 2012
*Windows 742.76%

And in an almost equally momentous shift, Mac OS now enjoys a greater market share than the the ill-fated Vista:

Operating SystemMarket share at 4th Sept. 2012
*Mac OS7.13%

While we’re at it, let’s take a look at the current state of affairs in the browser wars. Surprisingly, and despite popular opinion that Chrome would gain second place early in 2012, Firefox it still managing to hang on to that position with Chrome remaining a close third:

BrowserMarket share at 4th Sept. 2012
*Internet Explorer53.60%
*Google Chrome19.13%

Interestingly, during 2012 both Chrome and Firefox have actually lost a little ground to main rival Internet Explorer.

As expected, Safari continues to dominate mobile browser market share with 66.43% (next is Android Browser at 19.97%). The same can be said for iOS which, at 65.94%, equally dominates mobile operating system market share (second best is Android at 20.93%).

I won’t even bother with Search Engine market share statistics, suffice to say that Google well and truly rules the roost in all departments with none of its competitors making any significant impact at all.

Now, I realize statistics such as this can often be somewhat subjective, depending on methodologies employed. But I can assure you, the market share figures displayed here have been derived from the most trusted of sources.

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    1. I find myself in the same position as when Vista was first introduced, namely that I don’t want Win 8. So what to do? Get a new machine with Win 7 installed. Which is exactly what I am doing. My old Vaio wont support an upgrade to 7 so biting the bullet and getting a Samsung Series 7. A real sweet machine. Will let you know how I make out when I bring that baby home.

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