Viral “I Quit” Video, Plus the Company’s (video) Response

An employee at Taiwan-based company Next Media Animation has put a whole new spin on “you can take your job and shove it”. When Marina Shifrin grew tired of her boss and her job she decided the best way to get her message across was to post an “I Quit” dance video on YouTube. Of course, the video immediately went viral, something which would never have happened with an old fashioned letter of resignation.


The company has subsequently responded by posting its own video on YouTube, showing employees merrily emulating Ms Shifrin’s dancing antics. The message is clear, all things are rosy in the Next Media Animation garden.


Regardless of which side you tend to believe, I think you’ll agree that both videos are quite clever and entertaining. I can’t help wondering though, just which part of our traditional pre-internet existence might be next to bite the dust.

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