VideoFlick: Time limited giveaway for everyone

BlazeVideo is running a special Olympics 2012 giveaway for its video/photo software VideoFlick. VideoFlick would normally sell for $29.95 but is currently available free for everyone. At the time of writing this there is a little over one week until the offer expires.

View & Organize, Create movies, Publish clips online, Email movies, Snapshot photo from video and more on one single VideoFlick.

  • Read more details about VideoFlick’s features and functions on the HOME PAGE
  • To get your free license go to this PROMO PAGE (NOTE: requires email address)

17 thoughts on “VideoFlick: Time limited giveaway for everyone”

  1. Hi Jim, tried to get VideoFlick but no go. Had a look on the BlazeVideo site and the offer ended on June 30th.

    1. Hey Blacksmith – Not sure what site you visited but I can assure you the giveaway reported in the article above is still live. Just went and checked it myself and it’s showing 6 days to go.

      Click on the link at the bottom of the article to the “Promo Page”. Or click here:

      Cheers… Jim

      1. Jim, apologies. I went to the Blazevideo site and saw “Blazevideo 2012 Olympic giveaway”and thought that was it. The reason I went there was because I have tried 4 times to download the license for the software but have not had any luck getting it in my email box. I also noticed that the countdown timer for the expiration of the offer, on the promo site, always starts at 7days:00h:59min:20sec. Curious??!! I see Pat, furthe down the list has had a similar problem.

        Other than this I think your site is great. Your articles on software are very informative and the giveaways are a nice bonus.

        1. Hey Blacksmith – May be a browser related issue? I doubt that though. I’ve had no problems at all through Firefox. May be a Spam filter – either locally or via your ISP? Check through any Junk Mail or Spam folders locally and/or held on your ISP.

        2. JIm, it’s me again! Yes, it was a browser problem. I’m using Firefox 14.0.1. It was using a saved webpage each time I went to the site. Odd! I tried IE and that was ok ( 5days + and counting) . Went back to FF and refreshed the page. Now ok and showing correct time! But still not getting license code email, either from IE or FF. I have three email addresses and tried them all.
          Using Windows Live Mail on XP Pro. Never any problems in the past. Nothing in spam or junk folders.Don’t have spam filters active and I have checked my mail box at my ISP. I use Eprompter to read headers before downloading my mail and nothing has appeared there. Never had this problem with my IBM XT!!!
          I’ll keep trying. Something is bound to work sooner or later!

        3. Evening Jim, Blacksmith here. Reference the Videoflick giveaway. There is less than an hour to go and I still can’t get a download. I’ve been trying regularly but no luck. I’ve disabled my malware/ anti virus/ firewall software but still nothing. I hate giving up but this seems a lost cause. Never mind, I still like your site and the bits of good info you post. Makes a nice read.

        4. Jim, final note ( you’ll be glad to hear!) I have just received my license code from VideoFlick, along with half a dozen other emails from a week or two ago. Must have been held up in the system somewhere! I have lost the odd email from time to time over the years but this seems a lot. Will contact my ISP to see if they can shed some light on it. Thankyou very much for your help on this. You are a gem.

        5. Great news!!

          It’s first thing Monday morning here and I was just about to dig out my contact email address for BlazeVideo and report your predicament.

          Really appreciate you letting us know the outcome… thanks.

          Cheers… Jim

  2. Jim, just tried to get the free licence, waited about 2 hours but no email. Cheers Pat (love your feature)

    1. Hey Pat – Just tried it myself, all good… received an email with license code within about 20 seconds. You may have made a mistake when typing in your email address. Suggest you try again, use a genuine email address and make sure you type it in correctly.

      Cheers… Jim

  3. I’m surprised to NOT hear of any problems relating to downloading the program. My SmartScreen Filter alerted me that the program contained malicious code and was a threat to my computer. Mind you, no other security program mentioned a threat, and I let Microsoft know the program was safe. As always Jim, everything else went smoothly, as you mentioned. Thanks, Mindblower!

    1. Hey MB – Thanks for the heads up. Every product mentioned for download here on DCT is always pre-checked for malware or malicious content prior to publication. I scan through Virus Total whenever their upload limit permits (maximum upload = 32MB), and locally through Avast and MBAM otherwise. As well as checking site reputation through WOT and MSA. VideoFlick came up 100% clean all through. It would be highly unusual, if not impossible, for any malicious software to get through our screening process.

      False positives are a bane!! đŸ™‚

      Cheers mate… Jim

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