uTorrent Not Starting Properly? Here’s a possible cure

utorretn logoI am a long time uTorrent user and have always disabled the auto-start with Windows option. However, after a recent update to version 3.3.2 I noticed a distinct change in uTorrent’s behavior. Previously, uTorrent was not required to be running in order to start downloading. The user could leave the program closed and whenever he or she clicked on a torrent download uTorrent would then start up and commence downloading. It appears that behavior has now changed. If uTorrent is not already running in the background, the program will hang indefinitely and fail to initiate the download.

This came to light a few days ago when I clicked on a torrent download and uTorrent opened up okay but hung badly with a ‘Not Responding’ message in Task Manager. WinPatrol provided the initial indication that something was not right when it began issuing repeated requests for uTorrent to be added into startup. something which has never happened before. In the end, frustrated by WinPatrol’s constant popups, I allowed uTorrent to be added. I then immediately opened uTorrent’s “Preferences” menu and sure enough, the auto-start option had been enabled.

utorrent - auto start

For those who have experienced a similar issue and prefer not to have uTorrent auto starting with Windows and running in the background all the time there is a very simple cure:

  1. Disable the auto-start with Windows option
  2. Just prior to clicking on a torrent download, start uTorrent yourself manually
  3. Now click on the torrent download link

Has anyone else experienced this behavior with uTorrent? I’m interested to know if this is common behavior or maybe something specific to my system.

7 thoughts on “uTorrent Not Starting Properly? Here’s a possible cure”

    1. Sorry about that Jim. Thought you were discussing 3.3.1 As I’ve just updated to 3.3.2, while d/l, will try it out and report back, Mindblower!

  1. Utorrent has been auto starting ever since I updated to 3.3.2, even with everything disabled. I have not found a fix or work around for this problem, nothing in the registry that I can find to stop it from auto updating.

  2. I’ve accomplished two successful d/l (with utorrent removed from the Task Bar and opened with Firefox). Seems, I have NO problems with v 3.3.2, using Windows 8.1 64 bit, so far, Mindblower!

  3. Well yeah its strange, all of sudden i felt like it was the router and did such restart and such ccleaner and other stuff not a restart of pc but well still no effect 😛 i mean wtf reinstall or some things needs to be done i quess. ill might just figure it out soon enuff.

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