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Who remembers the Trivial Pursuit game phenomenon during the 80s? Much as I am loathe to admit it, I remember it well. Trivial Pursuit gave birth to the trivia quiz fad that still survives to this day in many pubs around Australia and the U.K. Not sure about the U.S., maybe our American friends can enlighten me.

Everybody loves a good trivia quiz, don’t they? If you are a trivia buff, then Trivia Plaza is a site just made for you.

trivia plaza

Click on a category and you’ll then be able to select a specific quiz from a wide range of sub-categories. For example, clicking on “Movie” will open a selection of trivia quizzes based on decades – from the 1960s through to 2013:

trivia plaza  - movie

Questions are in in groups of ten and when you’ve completed each quiz you’ll receive your scorecard:

trivia plaza - scorecard

Hmm, 9 out of 10, not bad. I told you I remember the 80’s quite well. đŸ™‚

With all the categories and sub-categories there are literally hundreds of different quizzes available to test your trivia knowledge. If you enjoy trivia quizzes, you are certain to enjoy Trivia Plaza.


4 thoughts on “Trivia Plaza: A not so trivial trivia quiz site”

  1. Hi Jim. My wife and I have been competing with the trivia questions. I’m not going to say who is the smart one. Some of those questions can make me realize how smart I really am. Great web site. Thanks Daniel.

  2. I was not terribly impressed with the trivia questions. Area had 3 arithmetic errors. In inventions I quit because Nicola Tesla was the actually the originator of both radio telemetry and remote control as shown by his patents of 1898-1902. Marconi actually lost a patent battle against Armstrong many years later which negated his patents for radio when Armstrong proved that everything Marconi claimed was covered by previous patents held by Tesla. Marconi couldn’t even demonstrate that he understood how radio actually worked. Tesla himself refused to get involved as his interest was purely scientific and not monetary or political.
    If the writers of the questions simply had access to a calculator and Wikipedia the site would be amazing. Mike

  3. Hi Jim, thank you for your kind review. It makes it even more fun for me to work (expand and improve) on my site.

    @Mike: Can you tell me which errors you have found? I’d like to look into this and possibly correct it.
    Oh, and I frequently use Wikipedia and my calculator đŸ™‚

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