The succession power of LastPass One-time Passwords

My previous two posts have dealt with the concern of what happens if you pass away without your loved ones having access to your various account passwords. What will happen if they can’t access online banking information, credit card accounts, email accounts and other critical information? The process can be a nightmare, adding even more stress on top of the grief of loss. Therefore, it’s a loving thing to do to provide a means for your family to be able to access critical online accounts in the event of your death.

There is no question that the most expedient way to insure access is by storing all of your critical account information, financial information, and any other personal information (using Secure Notes) with LastPass. With LastPass, you can securely store any critical or personal information under one password. You can, as I have shown, make a list of passwords that you will use into the future; however, there is an even simpler solution: LastPass One-time Passwords. Generate a few of those, store them in your safe deposit box or with your attorney and no matter what happens to you, your loved ones can get into your Last Pass vault. Once they do, they can change the master password.

Here’s a video on how to do that in LastPass. And, if you don’t already have LastPass, what are you waiting for?


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  1. Great suggestion. Even though I use LastPass, I didn’t know about that feature. Probably don’t know about many others ether for that matter. Thanks for sharing.

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