The ‘new’ Three Stooges

It’s funny what crops up during the course of conversations. During the past week fellow writer Richard Pedersen and I have been discussing the old Three Stooges… Curly, Larry and Moe… and how much we enjoyed them back in the day. Don’t ask what got us started on this topic, it’s a long story.  Anyway, in light of my lovely wife’s fervent disapproval of the slapstick trio, Richard and I ended up deciding that either she must be intellectually superior or we must both be mentally deficient. Then again, perhaps the Three Stooges are like oysters, an acquired taste. 🙂

During our exchange it came to light that there was a new Three Stooges movie released not so long ago, some time around June this year. The three Stooges, circa 2012, is a Farrelly brothers film so I expect it would continue in a similarly insane manner. The new actors certainly do bear a remarkable resemblance to their original counterparts.

You can read more about the new Three Stooges movie on IMDb here:

Here’s a short trailer for any old fans who might be interested. I laughed all the way through, my dear wife stood by just looking at me incredulously.

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