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  • Microsoft Finally Reveals Windows 10 Support Lifecycle

    After keeping us all in suspense over Windows 10’s support lifecycle, Microsoft has finally (and without fanfare) updated its Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet to reveal that, after all the conjecture, nothing has changed at all: So, in the end, Windows 10 support remains squarely within the traditional lifecycle – 5 years mainstream followed by another […]

  • Firefox 3.6 – R.I.P

    Mozilla has announced that, after April 24th, there will be no further updates for Firefox 3.6. With the exception of any last minute security patches, Firefox 3.6.28 released last month, will be the final update. Firefox 3.6 was the last of the legacy versions before Mozilla embarked on its ‘rapid release’ program in 2011 with […]

  • Vista: End of support announced

    Microsoft has ended full support for its ill-fated operating system as of 10th April with an extended support period through to April 2017. This means that Microsoft will no longer be offering free technical support for Vista users nor will they continue honoring any warranty claims, and the only updates available to Vista users will […]