Firefox 3.6 – R.I.P

Mozilla has announced that, after April 24th, there will be no further updates for Firefox 3.6. With the exception of any last minute security patches, Firefox 3.6.28 released last month, will be the final update.

Firefox 3.6 was the last of the legacy versions before Mozilla embarked on its ‘rapid release’ program in 2011 with Firefox 4. Now, after 2 years continuing support, they have finally decided to put it to rest.

.At the same time Mozilla also disclosed that it will be discontinuing Firefox support for older Windows operating systems, coinciding with the anticipated  release of Firefox 13 in June. Those affected will be anyone running XP SP1 and older, including Windows 2000.

XP SP2 and SP3 shall remain unaffected. So, if you are running XP SP1 and wish to continue using Firefox, it is recommended you apply the later service packs – at least SP2.

Organizations and businesses should switch to the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR), which allows for annual updates. The current stable version of Firefox, available through the ‘release update channel’, is Firefox 11.

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    • Pale Moon is a very good alternative BUT it is wholly based on Firefox. So when updates cease for Firefox 3.6, updates for Pale Moon 3.6 will follow suit.

  1. I decided to move to version 7 earlier this year. Main reason was security concerns, and still don’t notice all that faster hype they keep talking about. I actually find it slower depending on the installed addons, Mindblower!