Microsoft Finally Reveals Windows 10 Support Lifecycle

After keeping us all in suspense over Windows 10’s support lifecycle, Microsoft has finally (and without fanfare) updated its Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet to reveal that, after all the conjecture, nothing has changed at all:

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So, in the end, Windows 10 support remains squarely within the traditional lifecycle – 5 years mainstream followed by another 5 years extended, equaling 10 years total.

windows10-10 years

While I’m happy to know this, it does beg the question: if Windows 10 is the “last Windows operating system”, what happens in ten years time? Will Windows 10 users then be required to purchase a license to run.. erm.. well, Windows 10? Under the circumstances, it seems likely that some sort of “renewal” system will be put in place – maybe even including an annual subscription option?

Based on Microsoft’s performance regarding Windows 10 so far, chances are we won’t know how that will all pan out until some time just prior to October 14th, 2025.<tongue in cheek>

*At the time when I posted my original article (on 17th July): 3 Burning Questions Microsoft Needs to Clarify about Windows 10, the Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet was still missing any details regarding windows 10. So, Microsoft has obviously updated the fact sheet at some time between then and now.


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