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    How To Remove Subtitles From Movies

    Movie Subtitles OK, admit it. We all do it occasionally, that is, download movies. The most annoying thing sometimes is movies with subtitles. And worse still, English movies with English subtitles… I’m still trying to figure that one out. Maybe for deaf people? The good news is that sometimes these can be removed. Sometimes the […]

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    How To Remove Excel Hyperlinks and Leave the Text

    This is a quick and easy way to remove hyperlinks in your worksheet without the fuss and bother of a macro. You will not believe how easy this is to do! Follow the steps below to learn how: In a blank cell in your worksheet, key in the number 1. Select your cell and click […]

  • How To: Get rid of inbox tabs in Gmail

    I guess I was one of many who recently accessed their Gmail only to see incoming emails automatically sorted under a new tabs system. This may be fine if emails were categorized properly but it seemed to me they had been randomly sorted under different tabs, certainly not how I would have categorized them.  Besides, […]

  • Free Photo Blemish Remover

    Have you ever taken what you thought was the perfect photo only to discover it includes a minor blemish? Or maybe working with older photos which have suffered through time? Way back in 1975 my lovely wife and myself took off on a trip around Australia which ended up lasting almost two years. In those […]