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  • Free Ransomware Decrypter Tools

    Ransomware has quickly grown into one of the most prevalent threats today and is showing no signs of abating any time soon. We’ve already published several articles discussing methods for the prevention of ransomware, you can catch up with those articles by clicking the following links: Best Free Ransomware Protection WinAntiRansom Plus: Total Ransomware Protection […]

  • Best Free Ransomware Protection

    Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware? A well known and popular freeware site recently published an article recommending Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware to its many readers. The article not only didn’t properly explain the software but also failed to mention its limitations. It is, in fact, a poorly researched article containing what can only be described as equally poor advice. The […]

  • Macs Infected with Ransomware

    Ransomware has come to the OS X world. Typically focused in the PC world, Palo Alto recently discovered that the Transmission BitTorrent installer for OS X was infected with ransomware they have named “KeRanger”. The only other previously identified ransomware for OS X was FileCoder. It was discovered by Kaspersky Lab in 2014 but was incomplete at […]

  • Beware New ‘Locky’ Ransomware

    Yes folks, yet another new Ransomware variant has reared its ugly head. This one is nicknamed ‘Locky’, so called because it encrypts all your important files and renames them with the extension [.locky]. Keep in mind too that Locky will not only scramble files on your system (C) drive, it will scramble any files in […]

  • Hospital Pays Ransom to Crooks

    Earlier this week we reported how a Hollywood hospital’s computerized system had been infected by cyber-criminals demanding a huge ransom. In the end, the hospital paid up, and really, who could blame them. This was a very serious situation; ambulances were diverted, electronic medical records disappeared, digital communications were unavailable, and there was zero access […]

  • Ransomware Demands $3.6 Million from Hospital

    In what constitutes new a new high and low in Ransomware attacks, a Hollywood hospital’s computerized system has been severely crippled by cyber-criminals demanding a whopping $3.6 million ransom. Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center declared an emergency as machines critical to CT scans, laboratory, and pharmacy work went offline over the last week. Medical staff have […]

  • Beware: CryptoLocker Ransomware Ups the Ante!

    We first published an article regarding the pernicious CryptoLocker ransomware and how to avoid the infection using CryptoPrevent a couple of weeks ago… you can catch up with that original article here: Block CryptoLocker Ransomware with Free *CryptoPrevent*. In précis; CryptoLocker introduces a particularly nasty innovation into what is essentially an old scam. This malware […]

  • Block CryptoLocker Ransomware with Free *CryptoPrevent*

    What is CryptoLocker? CryptoLocker is a relatively new type of ransomware, and one which is particularly pernicious. For those of you who may not be aware; “ransomware” is the term used to describe malicious software which locks down the system or personal data, often via encryption, and demands a ransom (payment) in order for the […]

  • Beware: New Ransomware threatens Mac OS X & Windows Users

    Security researchers have uncovered a new type of ransomware which is not actually designated as malware but attempts to extort payment from its victims nevertheless. The new strain of ransomware is being labeled “HTML Ransomware” and it works by injecting JavaScript code into the browser. This is a pretty savvy approach on several levels: Because […]

  • Beware: Fake AV/Ransomware combination!

    Fake Anti-Virus programs and Ransomware have both been around for a while now. Fake Anti-virus (AKA Rogue Security Software) in particular was very prevalent during 2010, with Ransomware coming to prominence more recently. It appears the cybercrooks are now combining both these threats into a single scourge dubbed ‘Secure Bit’… what some pundits are describing […]