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  • Beware CNET Download.com – Revisited

    DCT first reported on the dangers of downloading from the popular Download.com way back in 2011 (Beware downloading from CNET Download.com), and we’ve continued issuing plenty of warnings since. Now, some 4 years after DCT first brought this matter to notice, it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Among those coming ‘late to the […]

  • How to Avoid Toolbars & other Unwanted Programs

    What we are talking about here are PUPs, not the loveable, furry, 4-legged kind commonly referred to as ‘man’s best friend’. We are talking about those pesky critters that seem to sneak into the operating system when no-one is looking, commonly known as Potentially Unwanted Programs. I realize we’ve already published plenty of articles relating […]

  • Does Malwarebytes 2.0 Identify & Remove PUPs (toolbars, etc.)?

    Glossary of Terms: PUPs: Potentially Unwanted Programs – such as toolbars. PUMs: Potentially Unwanted Modifications – changes to home page, search engine, etc. MBAM: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware It’s been almost a year since Malwarebytes’ decision to stop supporting the identification and removal of PUPs created a backlash of protests (see: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Can it still be […]

  • More Ways To Avoid Unwanted Crapware

    Last week we published several articles dealing with the additional crapware which so often accompanies software installations, including a review of the freeware Unchecky. Following a couple of  comments from our readers, I thought this was a topic which could certainly be expanded upon. DCT reader “Tracy” suggested using ninite.com to avoid crapware, and I […]

  • Avoid Unwanted Crapware with *Unchecky*

    You could be forgiven for thinking we are on an ‘anti crapware’ crusade this week, what with Marc’s excellent How do you handle crapware article, my recent experience installing ImgBurn, and now this article, it certainly seems that way. The truth is, it’s all purely coincidental. It is, however, maybe a sign of the times… […]

  • How do you handle crapware?

    When was the last time you downloaded a software update, only to find you also invited half the street to join in the fun? You see, personal computing today can be akin to throwing a party and spending the rest of the evening fighting off hordes of gatecrashers. Everyone wants a piece of the action […]