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  • DCT Giveaway: RoboForm Desktop 7

    ***DCT EXCLUSIVE*** Yes folks, in the DCT tradition of providing the best giveaways of the top products, we have 10 licenses for the fantastic ‘RoboForm Desktop 7′ to give away to our readers – would normally sell for $29.95usd Contest had ended! 11 Winners announced-yes 11! Paddy TeXaCo Raj Jack Draper Larry Rydel Violet Ecton […]

  • Everything I’ve ever said about passwords was wrong

    Well, not quite, but there is one fundamental thing about passwords that I and almost every other security expert has overlooked. For a long, long time, we in the security business have been thinking about maximal strength, maximum entropy, minimal length passwords; we have been saying things like “minimum eight characters, upper and lower case […]

  • Secure computing using Lastpass

    Sometimes, a program or utility becomes such a part of the computing experience that we take it for granted. Such is the case with LastPass; it seems so “there” that I don’t even remember how long I’ve been using it. What I do remember is why I started using it. I had been using the […]

  • How to create and use an unguessable password

    A weak password, one that can be easily guessed, is almost as bad as no password at all. For example, if you use a password that conforms to common patterns that most people tend to use, it can be easily guessed. According to Wikipedia, repeated research has demonstrated that around 40% of user-chosen passwords are […]

  • Are your passwords strong enough?

    Do a search on “strong password” and you’ll get a couple of million hits, everything from definitions to tools and websites with password generators. You’ll even see some sponsored ads for people trying to sell password strength-related services. It’s a hot topic and opinions vary widely. You’re told time and again that your password should […]

  • Why you should use Roboform

    I’ve mentioned RoboForm several times in the past. Usually these spawn emails and comments about the program, questions about usage, comments about confusion, and praise for this program. So let’s talk about it. I use RoboForm and highly recommend it. It’s one of the programs I can’t live without. I have about 135 sites that […]