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  • Find Your Email Password(s) with “MailPassView”

    Forgot your email password? So many clients that I work with misunderstand email passwords and how they are created. When I ask them… “what’s your email password“, the two most common answers are… “I don’t have an email password” or “wouldn’t have a clue”. This is perfectly understandable as an email password is setup via […]

  • Portable Freeware: Ss-Tools & SterJo Software

    I’m constantly on the lookout for new, interesting or innovative freeware, but anything labeled portable is always bound to pique my interest, regardless. Not all software can be portable of course, many programs need to be integrated into the system in order for them to work properly. However, there are many types of software which […]

  • My Favorite Freeware

    I received an email message the other day, nothing unusual about that, except this one emanated from a leading tech site and had been forwarded on to me by Dave. The email posed an intriguing question… what is your favorite freeware application or tool? My initial reaction was along the lines of… good grief, how […]

  • NirLauncher – a collection of brilliant utilities!

    Nir Sofer is the freeware developer responsible for the terrific range of NirSoft tools and utilities; all NirSoft freeware is lightweight, portable, and very effective. Nir Sofer has recently combined over 100 of his extremely useful utilities into one downloadable package called NirLauncher. The package includes a vast array of tools and utilities; password recovery, […]