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  • Oracle issues update to patch latest Java vulnerability

    Everyone must surely be aware by now of the vulnerabilities inherent in the Java platform. News of the latest Java vulnerability has been doing the rounds… yet again – http://www.us-cert.gov/cas/techalerts/TA13-010A.html The previous serious incidence was brought to light only last August, as reported by DCT here: https://davescomputertips.com/2012/08/java-zero-day-exploit-expected-to-spread/ It’s fairly apparent that Java is a minefield […]

  • Java zero-day exploit expected to spread!

    Attackers have seized upon a security hole in Oracle’s ubiquitous Java software to break into vulnerable systems. Within days of its discovery it appears that the new zero day flaw could soon become widespread. The original report from FireEye indicates that initial attacks exploiting this weakness, emanating from a Chinese web server, have been targeted […]

  • Junk your Java

    You should junk your Java!

    I’m not suggesting you stop drinking coffee – I would never deprive anyone of that life giving nectar! Heck, It’s a known fact that 95% of the tech world runs on Coffee (the other 5% substitutes alternate caffeinated beverages). What I am suggesting is that you delete, remove, and abandon Java on your computer! Why? […]