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  • Windows 10 Update Issues Solved?

    Almost every time Microsoft releases updates for Windows 10 we read about more issues caused by these updates. Indeed, one well-known site pretty much makes a living out of reporting all these problems with Windows Updates. I have often gone to bat for the users who are experiencing issues with Windows 10 updates and just […]

  • Fix Missing Taskbar in Windows 8 &10

    Some of the most common Windows issues, and most often posted solutions, must surely be regarding the erratic Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is the component which provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for accessing many functions of the operating system as well as displaying user interface items on the monitor such as the Taskbar and […]

  • Fixing Common Facebook Issues

    Corrupted Facebook Page Just recently I had to help fix a Windows 8 laptop that had two problems. One; there was no wireless connections, I ended up having to reinstall the wireless drivers to get that issue fixed. In this case I just went to the Device Manager then found the wireless adapter listing, right-clicked […]

  • Windows 8: There may be a bug?

    Have you experienced problems when attempting to install Windows 8 Release Preview? Apparently, many users have been unable to successfully install this latest Win8 version, receiving the error message… “Your PC’s CPU isn’t compatible with Windows 8“. This issue has already elicited a lot of negative comments with many complainants suggesting that they are not […]