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  • Home Depot: Largest Retail Card Breach Ever

    The final word on the Home Depot breach has been reported by Brian Krebs and it turns out to be a breach of massive proportions: Home Depot said today[14th September] that cyber criminals armed with custom-built malware stole an estimated 56 million debit and credit card numbers from its customers between April and September 2014. […]

  • Home Depot Data Breach – Now Confirmed!

    Last week, Brian Krebs warned of a suspected data breach at Home Depot stores across the US and Canada dating back to April this year. Unfortunately, that breach has now been confirmed. Even though it appears that the PINs tied to debit cards were not compromised, Brian’s latest report on the breach warns that multiple […]

  • Home Depot Data Breach – Involves Nearly All Stores

    News surfaced earlier this week of a suspected data breach of Home Depot stores in the US involving leaked credit card data. Now, it appears, further evidence regarding the extent of the breach is suggesting that it involves nearly all of the company’s stores across the nation. As usual, leading security expert Brian Krebs is […]