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  • DCT Giveaway: DOOM 2016 Game (x2)

    DCT is giving away 2 copies of the latest and greatest Doom game for PC to two lucky winners. NOTE: In order to make this giveaway available worldwide the games will be delivered via Steam, the following additional conditions apply: Winners must have a Steam account Winners to provide their Steam username in order to […]

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    DOOM – Game Review

    DOOM Publisher: Bethesda/Zenimax Developer: id Software Review platform: Windows PC (Steam) The King is Back! id Software pretty much invented the First Person Shooter (FPS) back in 1993 when the original Doom was launched and, as the years have passed, its DNA can still be seen in practically every shooter in the gaming universe. Followed in […]

  • The Return of DOOM!

      The game that started it all In 1993 Doom pretty much took the gaming world by storm, setting the standard for first person shooters and it’s still played today, although I must confess to never having played it yet. id Software followed up with Doom II Hell on Earth in 1994, but we had […]