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  • Windows 8.1 Preview – Don’t be Blue

    If you’ve been hiding out in the woodshed for the past several weeks you may not be aware that Microsoft is planning on releasing their first major update to Windows 8. A Service Pack, if you will, with a super secret code name of “Blue” (don’t tell anyone). Well, a Service Pack may not be […]

  • More on Windows Blue!

    For those who may be unaware, Windows *Blue* is the codename for the next upcoming iteration of Windows 8, expected to be released for initial ‘Public Preview’ toward the end of June. Earlier reports, based on the leaked build, suggested that the changes and enhancements expected in Windows Blue would be of a superficial nature, mainly based around […]

  • What’s New in Windows Blue!

    A first build of the next Windows 8 iteration (codenamed ‘Blue’) has been leaked online. As it turns out, many pundits have predicted correctly that Windows Blue will merely represent an update, in much the same way as a Service Pack, rather than any major revamp. And, in a move which will almost certainly lend credence to the “PC […]