Roboform Everywhere FREE for the First Year

Roboform is currently running a promotion whereby new users can get the first year of Roboform Everywhere absolutely free. *NOTE: This deal applies to new Roboform users only!


Unlimited Password Management

The all new RoboForm Everywhere license gives you unlimited access to all your RoboForm data on multiple computers, USBs, tablets, and mobile devices. RoboForm Everywhere seamlessly keeps your passwords and other data in sync. Just purchase one RoboForm Everywhere license and access your data anywhere and anytime – No additional licenses needed!

In this day and age, a professional password manager has become an essential part of the security kit, and none are better than Roboform. If you a not familiar with Roboform, Dave posted a useful article some time back, you can catch up with that article here: Why you should use Roboform.

Of course, the interface and some options may have changed slightly since then but Roboform remains a top notch professional password manager.

To take advantage of this first year free offer, just visit the Roboform promotion page here: and follow the instructions (a universal Order Code is included).

*Offer expires 31st July, 2015.


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  1. How about a comparison with other password managers?
    The first ones that come to mind are LastPass, 1Password, StickyPassword, RoboForm. There are so many to chose from but it’s hard to do so.
    I even remember of a recent article here on dct about a bundle of programs that included one (can’t recall the name though).

    • Hey Mitch – There are some really good password managers around but Roboform is THE best! When it comes to computers and technology, Dave is without a doubt the smartest man I have ever come across and if he says Roboform is the best, I’m going to take that as being gospel. Plus, free for the first year, well that’s a very difficult price to beat. 🙂

  2. Hi Jim,

    I use Roboform Everywhere, a great product, and I have used several others in the past but Roboform is much more than a password keeper…add…Bookmarks, Identities, Contacts, SafeNotes, Fill Forms and more.
    Some of the ‘freebies’ are good, but limit the amount of passwords kept in the ‘vault’.