Quadcopter Converted into a Star Wars Speeder Bike (amazing video)

28 year old Adam Woodworth took a special quadcopter build and combined it with a Hasbro toy to turn it into a working/flying replica of a Star Wars speeder bike. I might add that Adam is no ordinary Star Wars fan, having studied Aerospace Engineering at M.I.T. and subsequently involved in the aviation industry since he graduated in 2007.

The  result – this amazing video. May the force be with you Adam…


4 thoughts on “Quadcopter Converted into a Star Wars Speeder Bike (amazing video)”

  1. Very nice. You had to look real close to see the quadcopter under the thing.

    I’m quite sure that “someone” will make a full sized version that can carry a real person. Would be fun too.

  2. Quadcopters are brilliant. In the right hands, used properly, they can be fun and useful. But, like most good ideas, the idiots get hold of them and abuse them. I’ve read that folks in the USA are shooting them out of the air when they hover over their property. Sounds good to me! Here in the Uk (where we can’t use firearms) we have recently had problems with operators using them in restricted air space with near misses concerning commercial aircraft. As I said, they are a great idea, but needs some regulation before we have a disaster on our hands.

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