Please help identify a software for one of our readers

Hey Everyone – We are calling on your combined knowledge and expertise to help a fellow member of the DCT community. We have received an email from “Eric” who is visually impaired and trying to track down an application he once utilized to help with reading web pages. We have searched for the software ourselves but without any luck.

These are the details Eric can remember about the software:

I used to have a program which could strip out a web page to just give the main subject and show it in a larger print but I cannot remember it’s name.

It was free and I think it was associated with an old version of Firefox. I have no idea how I came to have it but it showed as a small red square at the top left corner of the menu bar, and after it had closed the page briefly it opened with the extracted article. One thing I remember was that at the bottom of the page it asked if I wanted to send it to ‘Kindle’. At the time I was using Windows XP SP3

If anyone can identify this software could you please supply the details in a reply hereunder.

NOTE: We have already ascertained it is not the ‘LowBrowse’ add-on for Firefox.

Thank you all!! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Please help identify a software for one of our readers”

  1. Flying Dutchman

    Hi Jim,

    I tried my best to find something that fulfills all info given by Eric, but couldn’t come up with one single app or addon. Is it possible that the red “square” isn’t a square after all? The only addon with “Send to Kindle” support I could find is Readability (seems to have a red soffa as its icon). Other addons with an icon in red are Textise and Enjoy Reading, but no mention of “Send to Kindle” support.

    If he’s willing to check them out:
    Enjoy Reading:

    And another but without a red icon of “Send to Kindle” support, is

    There’s also the bookmarklet Readable ( allows you to reformat text according to personal specifications.

    Maybe if his original app isn’t found, one of the above can serve him?

    Flying Dutchman

  2. Hey FD – Thank you so much for all your time and effort.

    Turns out the software Eric was looking for is in fact “Readability”, which you pointed to. I’m sure Eric will appreciate the info and check out the others too.

    Thanks again…Jim

  3. I agree with the previous recommendations…readability will strip out extraneous images and provide clear text to read. It can be dragged into the bookmarks bar where it is handy to use when needed.

  4. I know this is very basic, but does Eric know that page content within a browser can be magnified using ‘Ctrl +’? And reduced back using ‘Ctrl -‘?

    I’ve only got mild myopia but I frequently use it.

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