My YouTube Channel Has Been Demonetised – Part 4

Having revamped my YouTube channel several times since being demonetised in August last year, I had to face the fact that one video, The Making Of The Exorcist, was probably the culprit. I had uploaded it several years ago, having found it on a special edition DVD. Up until last month, the video had attracted about 750,000 views and I can only assume that YouTube must have tightened up its rules and thus deemed such a video as too profitable for me.

I have since deleted the video which has had a knock-on effect on my overall YouTube statistics in a detrimental way. The minimum public hours of views for monetisation stands at 4000, so when you delete a video, all the statistics related to that video also disappear, which means that my 40,000 hours of public views is now reduced to just over 500 hours.

One could say that this is a salutary lesson and in fact, I had been holding off deleting the video for months because I wasn’t sure if it was the actual cause of the problem. That remains to be seen because I cannot now reapply until my public view hours reach 4000 and that will take some time unless I come up with a cute cat video or one with aliens landing in our back garden.

It seems clear to me that since I uploaded my first video to YouTube in 2007, the system has been refined substantially, not least to pull back on advertising pay-outs for Google. On the other hand, it would be much easier to sort out monetisation issues if YouTube were not so vague about its reasons for demonetisation. As it is, I will never know if the video in question was the cause and it will be some months, if not over a year before I can reapply for all the reasons given.

I expect one or two comments on this post will say that I got what I deserved. Well fine, but as far as I’m concerned, the matter is closed until I am in a position to report that I have been readmitted into the club.

7 thoughts on “My YouTube Channel Has Been Demonetised – Part 4”

  1. Well now Marc, I’d be glad to help out, but I’m lazy. If you’ll leave link to your channel, I’ll watch whatever catches my fancy, then pop over there to let your vids play while I’m otherwise occupied. I suspect enough others would be willing to do likewise that we can have your hours back up there much sooner than a year.

      1. Thanks for the link. One more question: is it total views for the channel or views per video that count?

        1. According to YouTube : “More than 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months…”
          That was introduced in January 2018 and it the total for all videos on a channel.
          All the best!

  2. Mr Peter Thompson

    Maybe make some videos about the issues? Lots of people complain about the YouTube process so maybe documenting your stuggles will actually bring in more views

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