MailWasher Pro 50% Discount for ALL DCT Readers

As promised, following our great MailWasher Pro giveaway, Firetrust is now offering a huge 50% discount off MailWasher Pro for ALL DCT readers. Yes, the terrific MailWasher Pro software for half price exclusive to DCT readers.

NOTE: Get in quick because this offer expires in just 10 days… on 25th June.

mailwasher pro_banner

To claim your exclusive 50% discount, visit this landing page here:

mailwasher pro - shopping cart

Use the drop down menu under “License” to select your preferred duration – in my book, the “Lifetime” option represents sensational value and would be the best choice:

mailwasher pro - shopping cart2

(*Prices as shown in the screenshots are in US dollars but these will change automatically depending on your country of residence)

  • NOTE: Includes updates, mobile version, real-time spam blocking and customer support. License can be used on 3 of your own computers. 90-day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

A big THANK YOU once again to Nick Bolton and Firetrust!


2 thoughts on “MailWasher Pro 50% Discount for ALL DCT Readers”

  1. Interesting that while your example shows a Lifetime license retails at $77.23, the link has increased it to $99.95. This makes the ‘50% off’ price $49.97, which is actually only 35% off the $77.23 price you’re showing. I don’t want to say this is a little misleading, but doesn’t it seem a bit odd that the price was increased $22.72 just for this special offer?

    1. Bob, are you sure the price you are seeing is in US dollars?

      I just visited the site again and the US dollar price is still $77.23, as shown in the screenshot, nothing has changed.

      The price of $99.95 is for Australian dollars. You can easily change that to the currency relative to your country of residence via the dropdown menu right at the top of the page.

      There is nothing misleading here mate.

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