Latest MS Office updates cause issues – patches to patches released

Windows-Update-LogoThe latest batch of security updates for Microsoft Office, released just last week, has apparently been causing widespread problems. If you’ve been receiving repeated requests to install the same updates over and over, then you are definitely not alone. The issue is restricted to Office updates, but appears to be pretty universal. So much so that Microsoft later released patches to patch the patches.

Since the shipment of the September 2013 Security Bulletin Release, we have received reports of updates being offered for installation multiple times, or certain cases where updates were not offered via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

We have investigated the issue, established the cause, and we have released new updates that will cease the unnecessary re-targeting of the updates or the correct offering of these updates. <source>

Re-issued updates are as follows:

ms - patches for patches

You can read more about this issue on the Sophos Naked Security Blog here: Microsoft endures Patch Horror Day on Friday 13th – issues updates to 8 of 13 updates


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  1. A big worry Jim,
    Happened to me last week, I had to do a system restore due to a freeze. Remember earlier this year the ‘update’ which made a b***s up of antivirus programmes.

  2. My Office Word & Excel slammed shut, tighter than a fishes ar**! It told me I was in contravention of user policy & I had to buy a new version! I hit the roof. I asked many people, forums, etc & finally asked the right question & just this morning I got Office unlocked but the failed update remains. Not sure what to do about that. I have tried the update repair thing but no joy yet. However while the machine works ok I’ll try to put up with it.