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One of my subscribers recently asked me if when he finishes keying in a footnote or end-note in Word, is there a way to jump back into the text of his document using his keyboard instead of his mouse. There are actually a couple of ways you can do this…

The Not Keyboard Shortcut

As far as I know, there is no dedicated keyboard shortcut to return to your text once you are in a footnote or end-note. Some folks use Shift + F5 (or Ctrl + Alt + Z) for this purpose. This shortcut cycles through your last several edit locations. When you are keying in a footnote or end-note, this means that it will take you back to your previous edit location, which is typically where you inserted the footnote or end-note reference.

However, this will not always be the case, as you may have jumped into your footnote or end-note directly from the body text by clicking within the note. In that case, Shift +F5 will take you back to wherever you were previously editing your document.

If you know of another way to accomplish this, please share with me!

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