Kaspersky Software Updater – A Short Review

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The very first thing I must do is give thanks to Daniel, our DCT Forums Moderator, for pointing this software out to me. Thanks, buddy!

I have used many software updaters during my long years messing around with computers. This one, though, shines through the dark realms of mediocre software in this genre. It is fast, pretty to look at, easy to install, and the settings are straight-forward. No tricks, no muss, no fuss. Exactly what I have come to expect from Kaspersky products.

The Download

Head over to this Kaspersky page. At the top of the list is the Kaspersky Software Updater with a green Download Button next to it.

This will download a 2MB “stub”. When you run the “stub” it will start by downloading the program proper, ringing in at about 56MB.



As I mentioned before, there are no sneaky additional bits– all on the up and up. Incidentally, it took no where near the predicted five minutes to download. I’m here to tell you, do not trust progress bars. 30 years later and nobody seems to have gotten this right. 😉


Once you run the program, in the bottom left corner, you will notice the usual Gear Icon. If you click this, and I recommend you do, it will bring you to the Settings window.


This is a personal choice, but I would rather run this manually than have the program running in the background all the time. See the following Tip… if there was anything sneaky about this installation, this was it.

Tip: I checked the Start Up tab in the Task Manager. Kaspersky had added a service to start at Windows boot-time. Skype was also enabled; I had disabled that much earlier– like forever. In any case, I disabled both of them. Just something to watch out for if you don’t want these programs running in the background when you boot Windows.

The other thing I changed was that check box allowing messages and “special offers”. I don’t like messages and dislike “special offers” even more. The choice is yours, however.

I left the option to run a Full search enabled. Why run a mediocre search if a better one is available?

If you use a Proxy, I will leave it to you to wrangle that horse.

Don’t forget to click that Save button when you’re done.

The Scan

The scan took less than a minute on my computer. I’m sure the length of time will vary considerably depending on how much software it has to check against its database and, of course, the speed of your computer system.

The Update

Here were my results:


By clicking the little down arrow next to the Update button, you can choose to exclude the selected software from further searches. I was feeling lucky, so I chose to update everything in one go.

I don’t regret doing so. I’ve got say, this utility is really fast. It updated all three of my programs in about 40 seconds. Wow! The one I’m really curious about is the ever-problematic Skype. I’m going to find out in about five minutes when I fire it up. I’ll be back…

The only thing that broke was the Skype link I had pinned to the Taskbar. No big deal really; I just replaced it from the Start Menu. All works fine.


Keeping Windows and drivers updated is extremely important from both a performance perspective and also from a security point of view. It is easy to overlook your programs and utilities, but it is equally important to have recent versions of them as well.

Kaspersky Software Updater is a great tool that should help you to attain that goal. I am very happy with my current experience with this program and confidently give it a thumbs up.


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