Kangaroo Street Fight in Australia – Jim Was Not Filming


Kangaroos are cute. Kangaroos are neat animals that live in a place called Australia.  Jim does, too.

James Hillier, as many of you know, lives in Australia. He is our beloved DCT editor and probably knows something about kangaroos. I haven’t asked him of late nor has he bothered to share that particular tidbit with me if he does. I know how I rate…

Kangaroos don’t walk very well, but they sure can hop! They can deliver a punch, too. But just wait until they start kicking– that’s where their strength lies.

Did you know that kangaroos have three hind feet? Well, I’m here to tell you they do– it’s called a tail in most countries. Aussies, I am sure, call them something else.

I wonder if they grunt when they’re fighting. Ya know, like tennis players? Or politicians?

I don’t know where this was filmed, but it sure is fun to watch. Kangaroos are not the most  pleasant animals you might imagine. These two are certainly not happy with each other.

Tourist Pro Tip: Don’t try to hug a kangaroo.

They stand six feet tall and weigh upwards of 200 pounds. ~ Source unknown.

The source certainly wasn’t Jim since he hasn’t been forthcoming in recent requests for kangaroo enlightenment. It makes it damn difficult to write about kangaroos when your favorite source for the information resists telling you about it. Must be a conspiracy of sorts… “Keep the Yanks out!”, and all that… (Sorry for the rant.)

Do you really want to hug one of these buggers?

I thought not…

Disclaimer: I am convinced Jim did not film this. If he had done so, I’m certain he would have found the opportunity irresistible, and dropped his camera. He would have then duked it out with these guys himself. He has done a bit of boxing in his time from what I understand. The fact that it was filmed in its entirety is contrary to his being suspect.

If you want to learn more about kangaroos, Jim may not be your ideal source. I think your favorite search engine should do the trick and perhaps provide better results.

All tongue-in-cheek, of course– Jim is one of my favorite people.

Enjoy the video clip!


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  1. AS I live in Australia, not a great distance from, and in the same State as Jim I have to say that kangaroos do not hop down every street in towns and cities. Kangaroos live in ‘the bush’ or ‘outback’, known as countryside to overseas people.
    When driving in ‘the bush’ or ‘outback’ people have to be aware that kangaroos may suddenly jump onto a road or track in front of a vehicle, and can cause serious injury to a kangaroo and damage to a vehicle, therefore, getting out of a vehicle to check on an injured kangaroo can be dangerous if the person is attacked, and can be a severe attack from an un-happy kangaroo, especially if it is a female with a baby (called a joey) in the front pouch.
    The only safe place to see and be close to a kangaroo is at a zoo.

    • I also liv e in the bush in W.A and have to dodge them on regular basis mostly missing them. 🙂

  2. Come on you Aussies you know this is a regular occurrence. We would have at least 10 Kangaroo fights a week in our street. You may even have more – depends on how much XXXX you give them. We also have Koala racing up the street. The possums also perform acrobatics for our entertainment on the power lines. The thing our overseas guests find the most interesting to play with are the big muddies.