Huge Giveaway: 10 Software all Free

WonderFox has joined with fellow software vendors to present a huge Halloween giveaway involving no less than 10 software titles… expires 6th November.


Visit WonderFox’s special Halloween giveaway page here: WonderFox Halloween Giveaway and click on the “Get It Free” button associated with whatever products you want.

Wonderfox’s contribution to the Giveaway is WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro.


Clicking the Get It Free button associated with this one will initiate a 20.0MB zip download including a Word document containing your license code. Simply install and activate.

Next is Photory. I don’t know much about this one and could not locate any dedicated product page. WonderFox’s description is as follows… “Recently, Photory (also named as Watermark Software) was merged by WonderFox Soft,Inc. This software mainly supports beautifying and editing photos“:


Clicking the Get It Free button for Photory will initiate a 34.1MB zip download which includes a Word document containing your license code. Just install and activate.

Next we have 8 different products from 8 different vendors:


Clicking the Get It Free button for any of these products will initiate a small download consisting only of a Word document containing a download link plus your license code and instructions.

*Special Notes:

  • Wise Care 365 Pro: License is one year only
  • SuperLauncher: Requires registration (full name and email address)
  • Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator: Requires you to create an account
  • ALL products must be activated before 6th November


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      • Thanks Jim. I can see what you are saying. I misinterpreted the “Next we have 8 different products from 8 different vendors:” as being from DCT. My attention span isn’t what it used to be.