How To Take The Ultimate Selfie!

From Then To Now

I have to admit that I have always been attracted to cameras and I have had quite a few over the years.  Also, through the years I managed to evolve from a basic Brownie to those wonderful (at the time) throw-away cameras that you could buy, take photos, then mail the whole camera in to be developed.

After a couple of Polaroids I graduated to my first Nikon SLR then onto some even more expensive Rolleiflex. I have even had my share of movie cameras.  The novelty of those early Super 8 movies especially at Christmas and weddings (as much as I love having those old movies now) had a downside. I had to actually miss out on a lot of fun because being the only one with a camera meant I  was always assigned to take the movies.

Next was onto those 100 pound video cameras. You know the ones, where the accompanying case was big enough to carry luggage. Then, blessedly, they developed the digital video cameras that allowed you to even put it in your pocket.

My Photo Taking Evolution

Today, of course, everyone has a camera in their pocket, a smartphone. Literally, everyone I know under 70 has a smartphone and have used the camera for social media, selfies, and even some pretty serious work. I live close to Las Vegas, and in that town, it is impossible not to find yourself dodging around and trying not to walk between someone taking a photo and the subject.

Sad But True

Unfortunately, the quality of the camera does not make you a photographer, at least not in the artistic sense. Having a love of cameras did not take away the fact that I possessed only average artistic abilities, and while I managed to luck into a few good photos over the years, a lot of the passion of taking photos has gone. In the early days, a lot of that passion was working in the darkroom.  Talk about the passing of time, the darkroom is a process that some of my nieces and nephews don’t even know about, and why would they.  They have instant gratification seeing the photo as they take the picture.

selfieThe Selfie

I can say, without reservation, that I am not a fan of the “selfie”.  Especially with only you in the photo standing there with one silly grin or another.  It always seemed a bit narcissistic without at least one other person in the photo but I am not judging.  Well, maybe a little bit, but what do I know…

Some of these individuals actually go out to purchase an extension stick so they can take even more selfies. I thought of developing a phone app that would pop up and say, “Congratulations, you have just taken  your 1,000th selfie!”

Seriously though,  I really don’t want to offend people that do it; it’s just not my thing.  As I said, I never saw the purpose. Until now!

Introducing the Lily Camera

Lixly Camera
The Lily Drone Camera

While surfing the web the other day I found, what is to me, the ultimate selfie camera.  Not only that, but it made selfies that actually had a purpose.  A camera that showed you and perhaps your friends doing something exciting.

The Lily Camera is a fully functioning drone camera.  Unlike attaching a “Go Pro” to the bottom of a regular drone, and spying on the neighbors, the Lily drone camera is designed for one purpose– to be a Flying Action Camera that follows you!

Lily Action Shot

I found the specifications very impressive, The camera captures a video resolution of 1080p at 6o Frames Per Second (fps) or 720p at 120 fps.  120 fps qualifies as slow motion.  It is also capable of taking 12MP still photos.

Lily Exploded View
Lily Camera Exploded View

It is capable of photographing you from a distance of between 5 ft to 100 ft and travels at a very fast top speed of 25mph.


Pros and Cons

Instead of listing the impressive specifications, I thought a breakdown of what I consider the pros and cons of the camera would put it into perspective.


  • High Definition video with high quality sound. The camera synchronizes the audio from the tracking device with the video. The camera also takes High Quality stills
  • Digital gimballing (self-leveling) and Image stabilization
  • Sleek design, lightweight with a rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof and floatable
  • 20 minutes of flight time with an average speed of 15mph
  • Incredibly easy to use, it is self-described as the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera. It flies by itself and uses both GPS and computer vision to follow you around


  • Not available until Summer 2016
  • Price, pre-order price is a whopping $899
  • No obstacle avoidance to prevent it from hitting a tree


I am truly impressed with this camera and its possibilities. Without an actual camera in my hands, I can only relate to the specifications and features on their website, but with the pre-order demand out-stripping their ability to supply them on time, it shows that I am not the only one impressed.

Here’s a promotional clip of the Lily Camera in action:


The camera does require the user to carry the tracker– a small doughnut-sized device that can easily fit in your pocket.

It kind of makes you want to go out and do something exciting just to film it.


Images and Video credit ~ Lily

4 thoughts on “How To Take The Ultimate Selfie!”

  1. now come out with a camera drone hunter that will take it out! Maybe photographing into someone’s fenced in backyard or that nudist colony over the sand dune. Yes, I can see $$$ to be made for one of those.

    Thanks Jim for the update on this. If you want to get rid of that Nikon (is it a Rebel?), you can donate it to the Roo Foundation – i.e. me 🙂

    1. Had not thought of that but I do know that a lot of states and cities are quickly launching new Drone regulations.
      Yes on the Nikon but when you have a grandson nothing old belongs to you anymore.

      1. LOL, don’t I know! Well it was a (dare I say? DARE! DARE!) “a shot in the dark”. Thanks again for a good article on these blasted things.

  2. I have an Anker Bluetooth selfie stick that I received as a gift. I am not a fan of the selfie either. Most people that are fans overdo it. No one wants to see their mug nonstop on their social media feeds. I received it at Christmas and used it 1x so far. This is a great article, way to go Jim!

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