How To Span Pictures Over Multiple Monitors

Multi-Monitor Wallpaper

I like to play around with the customization options of Windows. I was wondering how I could stretch out a background, or span it, over two monitors.

For this example, I’ll be using a picture downloaded from Studio Ghibli Movies.


Right-click on your background or desktop and go to Personalize. Choose your picture and scroll down to the Choose a fit option. Mine was on Stretch which just cloned the same picture on both monitors.


So I clicked on the little drop-down menu and then clicked on Span, and that’s it.


Here is that wallpaper stretched out over my monitors:


Here is that wallpaper spanned out over my monitors:


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  1. Terry, congratulations on being a self taught computer aficionado. Do you have any suggestions on how to install a stand alone monitor to a MacBook Pro Laptop?
    System is: MacBook Pro, 15 inch early 2011, MacBook Pro HD, graphics AMD Radeon HD 649M 256 MB intel HD graphics 3000 384 MB

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