How To Set Up New Computer With Ninite

Set Up With Ninite

I decided to reinstall Windows on one of my old computers. One big pain with this issue is downloading and installing all of your programs. You can do it one by one or all at once using a program/service called Ninite.


I went to their web site and scrolled down to the 1. Pick the apps you want section. Put a check mark in the box in front of all the applications you want downloaded, then scroll down a little bit further on the page to the section 2. Download and run your custom installer/updater. Click on the big blue Get Your Ninite button.


Your download should start immediately, prompting for a name and place to download.

Then, save this installer for future use. If required, then run the program and it will automatically start downloading and installing the chosen applications/programs without any prompts.


The installer, in my case, automatically started in a minimum detail view. If you want to see more information as it’s happening, click on the Show details option.

Once finished, it shows you the results including programs it couldn’t download. Click on the Get help on failed or skipped applications or the retry/re-install option.


As you have probably already guessed, you can use this program to simply check and upgrade any programs you have already installed on your system.

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8 thoughts on “How To Set Up New Computer With Ninite”

  1. Hi Terry. Seems you forgot to mention which operating system you installed on your old computer and the details associated with what you called old computer (cpu,ram,size, etc). I’m being picky here because I stopped using Ninite some time ago, due it being old and not updated, Mindblower!

    1. Win 7 on a computer that originally had Win XP. It has a 1.8 GHz processor with 1.25 GB of memory. Maybe the program hasn’t been updated but it will still download all the latest updated applications that you choose. If the “Always Up-to-date” section on their website is any indication it still seems like it’s always being updated.

  2. Unfortunately when I checked with HaveIBeen Pwned I discovered that in 2015 MajorGeeks was successfully hacked into. The hackers got my IP address to a computer that ceased to function two months later and many passwords. For the sake of safety I changed all of my passwords, a very tedious task.

    1. I had to many problems with my hosting company and closed my account. I currently am looking for a new host and , may of found one. I’ll keep you posted when everything gets worked out.

  3. You say you were able to download and install all of your programs with Ninite. This is quite misleading as it sounds as though I would be able to download and install all of MY programs using the Custom Installer. But NO, you can only download and install programs from the Ninite list! Is Ninite paying you for publishing this article?

    1. I am not being paid by Ninite or any other programs I use in my articles. They are just products I’ve used myself. No they don’t offer every program that is possible to download of the Internet, I wasn’t trying to imply that at all. Their website doesn’t imply that either. I would love to see , myself, a custom option to add what ever you wanted. The closes to that you’ll going to get is at the bottom of the Ninite website they have a “Suggest an app” option.

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