How To Pause Thunderbird Email Downloads

Why do you want to pause Thunderbird from downloading your email? Glad you asked. My email service from Eastlink all of a sudden decided that my Password was invalid. I kept getting an error message claiming the “Authentication failed”.


When I click on OK then I get the second message “Login failed…”.


I went to the Eastlink website with the same results and apparently my answers to my security questions are wrong as well. To be fair, I can’t even remember setting up any security questions when I set up this email.

Anyway, until I get everything straightened out, I wanted to pause the email downloads, mainly to stop those annoying pop-ups. Here’s what to do…

In Thunderbird, right-click on the account in question. And click on “Settings”.


Then under the account name you should see “Server Settings”. Click on that. Uncheck the following three items:

“Check for new messages at startup”
“Check for new messages every * minutes”
“Automatically download new messages”


And that should do it.

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