How To Disable Ads in Firefox’s New Tab Page – rendition #193

If you haven’t noticed, the latest Firefox version includes multiple ads in its new tab page. Whenever you open a new tab, you will see something like this:

firefox ads

It seems every tech writer and his dog has posted advice on how to get rid of these ads, hence the note of sarcasm added onto the main title of this article. Trouble is, what they are proposing does NOT work!

Here’s the advice:

When you open a new tab in Firefox, you’ll see a cog icon at the top right hand corner of the page. Click on that icon to access the relative options menu:

FF menu

You’ll see that “Enhanced” mode, which is set to display the ads, is enabled by default.

Now, to disable the ads, choose either the “Classic” or “Blank” options. The “Classic” option reverts the new tabs page to the appearance of previous Firefox versions. The “Blank” option is just that, blank.

Here’s the problem:

While the “Blank” options works just fine, selecting the “Classic” option does not get rid of the ads. In fact, in my Firefox, there is no discernible difference between “Enhanced” and “Classic” modes.

Here’s the rub:

Every single article I’ve come across proffering this advice has received numerous comments from Firefox users stating that selecting “Classic” does not get rid of the ads – yet, this exact same advice has been replicated over and over across multiple sites.

So, do these writers actually test their own advice before posting it, or is it in fact not their own advice but merely being copied from post to post?

While I am prepared to concede that there may be instances where changing to the “Classic” setting might actually get rid of the ads, I find it difficult to believe that it has worked for every single tech writer who posted this advice, yet not for the vast majority of Firefox users who tried it… that would make for a highly unlikely coincidence.

There is no doubt that the tech writing arena is overcrowded, anyone with even an ounce of tech savvy can just start up a blog and call themselves “experts”. From there, it’s simply a matter of joining the sheep who copy, plagiarize, replicate – whatever you want to call it – other peoples’ work.

I guess, in the end, it’s up to you, the readers, to discern just who is who and which is which.


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