How To: Boost Microphone Performance (video)

We’ve decided to start including the odd video guide as part of our overall service and I have been nominated ‘chief guinea pig’. đŸ™‚

This is a first for me and I openly admit it was a quite nerve wracking experience. I’m not sure why that should be, I’m normally not a shy person and there was no-one else around – just me, my computer and a microphone. I also hadn’t realized just how difficult it is to get right through the process without any slip-ups or glitches, the video under was actually my 23rd attempt… seriously.

This is just a simple guide to kick-off proceedings, we trust you like the idea. Please let us know via the comments.


(I’ll hopefully get better with practice. :))


9 thoughts on “How To: Boost Microphone Performance (video)”

  1. Very good! The content and directions were helpful. The voice was professional and your accent was cool (at least to an American). I think uploading HD versions in the future would look top notch. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  2. Hi Jim Hillier,
    Maybe some day, you will be able to turn us on to a “Real” Speech Recognition for Windows8 command/control which is NOT the built-in tool!
    I also nominate you the ‘chief guinea pig’ [no disrespect], for this project that I hope will reveal a FREEware replacement, so that I can finally utilize my now-boosted MIC performance! đŸ˜‰

  3. My FireFox is blocking the image which leads to this YouTube Video, even when I disable No-Script and Ad-Block add-ins.
    My InternetExplorer does not show a PLAY button (>) in the middle of the image for being able to start the YouTube Video.
    Just letting you know…

  4. Excellent start. As you said, it will get easier, more fun and, better with practice. By the time you’ve put together your first 100, you’ll wonder why the first one was so nerve wracking.

  5. In comparison to the so-called professionals Jim, you are equal to or better, that’s my opinion.

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