How To Block Political Posts In Facebook

Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton. At this point, I just want the election to be over. The campaigning is so negative. My Facebook Timeline has become littered with anti-Trump and anti-Clinton rhetoric, some of it not close to reality. The posts don’t tell why I should vote for their candidate but instead, why I shouldn’t vote for their opponent. I find it all so tiresome. I was actually to the point of considering leaving Facebook until well after the election because my Timeline had digressed to mostly political nonsense. Then I discovered Social Fixer.

social-fixer-logoSocial Fixer is a browser extension that provides additional features in Facebook, including the ability to filter based on keyword or authors. It also provides the ability to auto-switch to the Most Recent news feed. In addition, you can hide any posts related to Election/Politics 2016 as well as the dreaded Sponsored Ads.

So, I hid election-related posts and created a filter for anything containing Trump, Hillary, Clinton and Obama. My Timeline is much less aggravating now and I am no longer considering quitting Facebook until the new year.

I downloaded Social Fixer as a Chrome extension. It is supported in other browsers as well. You can download Social Fixer here.

Instead of abandoning Facebook until the new year, I’ll be using Chrome with the Social Fixer extension to see a kinder, gentler Facebook.

To my Facebook friends, don’t be offended that I am blocking your political posts. Election coverage has saturated all forms of media. At least I can exclude election mania from my Facebook Timeline.

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