Google Earth Pro Is Now Free!

google-earth-logoGoogle Earth. It’s one of those programs that inspires awe and continues to amaze me. Many hours can be spent within this gorgeous interface for both education and entertainment.

You won’t be disappointed.

Google has always provided a free version but now they have done the unthinkable. The Pro version, normally priced at $399 US annually, is now being given away. You heard me right– free of charge!

The Pro version offers these extras, to name a few:

  • Movies – Windows Media and QuickTime, up to 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. The free version was limited to 1000 pixels
  • New Layers – Demographics, traffic count, and others
  • Hi-Res Printing –: Up to 4,800 x 3,200 resolution
  • Measurement Tools – Both polygon and circle measurements

For those who may not be familiar with this outstanding piece of software, here’s a quick example of its capabilities:

To get your free copy, go to this Google Download Site.

Once installed, use your eMail address as a User Name, and GEPFREE for the Password.

Explore your world from the comfort of your home. Fly down into your neighborhood and find your house. Make a movie! Imagination is your only limitation.




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